Golden Brown is Australia's leading retailer, supplier, wholesaler and service provider and provide two type of service, "Service" and "Products". The first sector is Cleaning Services and Other Services only to Melbourne Large City and the second sector is cleaning products and office products and solutions for home, business, industrial, restaurant, hotel and education needs to nationwide with cheep delivery cost.

Welcome to Express Contracting Services Proprietor Limited.

Reflecting the company moving forward from its origins as a small firm to an organized and developed company, has been an exiting and challenging task.

Golden Brown Cleaning Services


Reflecting the company moving forward from its origins as a small firm to an organized and developed company, has been an exiting and challenging task.
I am pleased to report that Express Contracting Services’s best performance among the past 19 years has been the establishment of its operations throughout metropolitan and suburbs within Victoria, which currently employing Sixty (60) people.
During this years, Express Contracting Services had granted sponsorships for a number of workers to attend various workshops and training programs for further individual enhancements for a better job performance and career advancement.
In recognition to the steady growth of our company, we are further investing in machinery, service tools and Trainee-ships for our different subsidiaries.
First and foremost it is our team of dedicated people who have contributed to our continued growth and performance over the years. Express Contracting Services growing list of services and our expanding customer base are testimony to years of hard work and dedication by all our people.
As a result, we can look forward further success in building our track record, quality and service excellence that focuses upon future commitments that would enable our continues success for many years to come.

Statement by the Mr. AA


Golden Brown Cleaning Services and Supplies not only provides services, but also has the ability to deliver solutions with the appropriate motivation, and level of expertise. Part of our service deliveries is to work with our customers and comprehend their tasks. We contribute viable solutions and alternatives to their challenges. We then devise a control process and effective cleaning methods, which deliver -- to standard, on time, on budget and exceed its expectations.

Golden Brown Cleaning ServicesGolden Brown Cleaning ServicesGolden Brown Cleaning Services

Our Services Expertise Consist upon the following:

  • Cleaning Services & Supplies of Residences, Apartment complexes
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Offices, Hotels, Sport Clubs, Industrial, Medical
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Office Complexes in CBD
  • Cleaning & Supplies of State Schools, Childcare across Victoria
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Shopping Center, Supper Market, Warehouse
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Construction Sites before and after CP
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Municipality awarded contracts
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Move Out, Spring Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & Strip Reseal
  • Cleaning & Supplies of Windows for even high rise building

Furthermore we provide and facilitate the following:

  • Labor Hire (example: Fork Lift Drivers, Lift Operators, Boon & Sherry picker Drivers, Laborers, Window Cleaners, Carpenters, Brick Layers, Traffic Management, Other) 
  • Outsourcing professional services
  • Wholesale and Supply of Cleaning Chemicals and goods including Equipment Hire and Sales
  • Warehousing and Logistic & Delivery
  • Bin Removal
  • Hiring Machinery Equipment & Lifting Equipment
  • Provide representation for Body Corporate
  • Our growing lists of services and our expanding customer base have lead provide competitive services and cost effective.
  • We see ourselves as “evolving” with the rapid changing nature of the market and able to deliver a wide range of services to our clients.
  • On that account, servicing our existing customers to their satisfaction have been our foremost and proudest achievement, hence, we help them achieved their goal.